Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TMNT) Birthday Party

“Cowabunga dude!”  My youngest asked for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TMNT) birthday party and I seriously had to recollect on my younger days to come up with some really cool ideas for decoration, food, favors and more!   Here are a few things that I did that hopefully you can replicate for your own party!  Here’s what I did…

I was thinking street smart.  New York City and all things green.  So I started off with going to Hobby Lobby and getting their “Brick Photography Backdrop Paper Roll”.  I thought that this would resonate well with the theme to create the biggest impact for the focal wall.  You only really need one roll to cover what I did above.  Then, I also wanted to add my son’s name in graffiti, but I have zero skills for that!  So I opted to use a website that let me create one, customize the color and etc.  I enlarged and printed his name across two pages and then taped and carefully cut around his name, then taped it to the faux brick.  Voila!  I also decorated the brick wall with cutouts of the TMNT faces which you can download here: Ninja Turtle Faces

There are few cute ideas on the web and I used paper lanterns and simply affixed masks to them by using party streams which you can find at any party store.  Then add eyes.  Instant turtle heads to suspend from the ceilings.

The water bottles were covered with TMNT labels.  I created my own and you can download here: TMNT Water Bottles.  Simply cut around down the red lines and tape to a regular sized bottle.

I also found a really cute 3D pinata which I purchased from a local store.  This thing was crazy tall and doubled for decor as well.

On the menu, I served up what else?  Pizza!!!  Lots of it.  I also served up sour gummy worms, green grapes, “green ooze” Jello-O with a sour gummy worm on top, Oreo cookies (since they looks like manhole covers), cupcakes and more.

I always have so much fun putting together favors for the kids.  I might get a tad more excited about this portion of the party planning in particular!  I wanted to provide each kid with a pizza takeout box.  So I managed to find some inexpensive ones online that were the size of mini personal pizzas.  Perfect.  Then I personalized each box with a fake pizza label with my son’s name.  I even added a label to the front side edge to make it look a bit more authentic.  Here are the contents of what I included.
– Pizza sticker scenes found here at Oriental Trading  It’s a paper pizza and you add sticker toppings.
– TMNT gummy snacks
– TMNT lollipops
– TMNT tissue packs which I found at the Dollar Tree
– TMNT stickers
– Green apple Jolly Ranchers
– Pringles pizza stix
– Mini M&M’s.  I created a custom TMNT label which you can download here: TMNT M&Ms
– Maze activity sheet which I found through Nickelodeon and you can download here: TMNT_maze

For the cupcakes, I purchased plain ones from the bakery and embellished myself.  I purchased a turtle shell cookie cutter through Etsy and purchased pre-made green fondant.  It was super easy to make and decorate as toppers on the cupcakes.

For the cake, I purchased a plain chocolate mini cake for my son.  Something a little more special since I served cupcakes to everyone for convenience.  I decided to embellish the cake which would save me a ton of time from baking it on my own!  I purchased a TMNT looking manhole cover cookie cutter through Etsy as well as black pre-made fondant.  I carefully cut out each one, then lightly sprayed each one with Wilton Color mist in silver.  Notice that I didn’t cover the entire thing with silver so that it would add that contrast of color.  Be sure to let this dry completely!  As you can see, I also added some Lego TMNT characters to complete the look and served it on a silver charger plate.

Posted 1/12/17

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