The Original New York Seltzer is BACK!

If you remember the 80’s, then you should remember how iconic the Original New York Seltzer was to that decade.  The soda was only in production for about a decade from the 80’s to early 90’s.  Since that time, you haven’t really seem them unless you were on eBay sold as collector items… until now.  Back in late November 2015, I first spotted these cases at Cost Plus World Market.  You can purchase these individually for $1.49 or on sale right now for $1.19 at Cost Plus.  I am also seeing them on as well.  It looks like now they have some of the original flavors, along with a new one, concord grape.  Delicious!  Although I recall that the original ones had a plastic cap vs. metal, the flavors are a match.

You can check out their official site here:

Totally rad dude! 😉

Posted 4/25/16

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