Lego Movie Birthday Party

“Everything is awesome!”  Yes, especially when it’s a birthday that you are celebrating!!!

When the Lego Movie hit theaters a few years ago, my youngest was obsessed with the movie and know that he just HAD to have a party based around it.  Coming up with ideas around this theme was a bit easy since there were so many

I first used Emmet’s main color as a primary for the theme: orange and blue.  I carried the colors over from the food, to the brick and movie poster printouts that I cut-out and taped to the wall.  I also used the “awesome” and added those to the wall for additional decor.  The pinata that I found on the web was pretty awesome and had to incorporate that as well on the main table.

I also created my own cupcake toppers to adorn on the cupcakes.  Click here to download my template.  You will want to print these on cardstock, punch with a 1″ craft puncher and use Elmer’s glue to tack onto lollipop sticks.

For the snack table, I included a colorful array of fresh fruit and candies of course, including strawberries, watermelon, Ring Pops, cookies and chocolate cupcakes.

The fun item that sort of captured the spirit of the party were the orange and blue Jell-O cups.  For this recipe, you can click here and substitute the colors of the Jell-O for orange and blue raspberry.  Such a great and easy item to make ahead.

If you look closely at the cupcake toppers, you can see that I added chocolate Lego.  Yes, those are NOT real Lego pieces!  I used silicone Lego mold which I purchased at the Lego store, then added melted Meltaways colored chocolates that you can find at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby in their baking section.  It’s something that you want to make ahead as you do not want to be rushed with this time consuming project.  This was a surprising hit for everyone!  You can click the link below for a free template that I created.

Lego Movie Cupcake Topper

The main course of the meal, we had tacos in honor of Taco Tuesday.  Granted, it wasn’t a Tuesday, but everyone who say the movie got the idea.  Who doesn’t love tacos?

Each guest was given a Lego minifigure box case filled with sweet treats.  We also gave them a copy of the Lego Club Magazine in case they weren’t already a subscriber.

Posted 12.20.17