Walmart Beauty Box Subscription

If you have pondered over the idea of joining a monthly retail subscription, consider the Walmart Beauty Box.  Yes, Walmart.  They have a subscription that gets shipped out on a quarterly basis.  The items that come shipped to you are practical cosmetic or toiletry items that you could use or gift to someone else.  I have been a member for a little over a year now.  For $5 each quarter/season, this INCLUDES shipping which makes this a deal!  That’s only $20 a year.  In the past, I have received a full-sized lipstick from a notable drugstore brand line, a sample of face cream that I have seen retail for $10 and usually a full-sized sample of something… in addition to foil pack samples, travel size items and even coupons.  They feature a good mix of new and existing products with no strings attached.

The photo above shows a sample of my summer 2016 Walmart Beauty Box.  In this package, I received a total of 7 products– including 1 full-sized deodorant stick.  Pretty nice!  I love how I can take some of these items with my when I travel.

The packaging below is how the samples are sent to you in this box.  You will also receive an email confirmation letting you know that the item has shipped.

Walmart Beauty Box

Here is the link: https://beautybox.walmart.com/

Posted on 7/5/16



Marvel Spider-Man K-Cup Daily Bugle Breakfast Blend Coffee

Look-out! Here’s comes the Spider-Man… k-cup coffee!  Want to rev up your “spidey senses” in the morning?  Check out this novel new k-cup offering which includes a few Marvel characters including: Spider-Man Daily Bugle breakfast blend, Hulk espresso dark roast, as well as Captain America hazelnut medium roast.  The 10-count pack is going for roughly the $6.00 mark at Walmart.  Such a fun idea to add to your Keurig for an action-packed morning.Marvel k-cup coffee

I purchased the Spider-Man blend to see what this was all about.  The packaging is super-duper cute.

Spider-Man Coffee K-Cups

Might be a cute idea small gift idea to pair with other Marvel character items.  The pods itself outside of the box aren’t that super attractive.  I was hoping to see Spider-Man’s face, but no.  Just the Marvel logo and k-cup blend name.

Spider-Man K-Cup

Ok, now for the taste test.  My first thought was that this is a breakfast blend.  It doesn’t have a lot of acidity and is very easy to drink.  Then, I noticed that the blend seems a bit more like a light-medium blend vs. a true medium blend.  I personally was hoping for something a little bit stronger, but could probably adjust on my side and use 6 vs. 8 ounces of water in my Keurig.

OH!  If you have a non-coffee drinker or have kids, then I also saw that they have a hot chocolate version.  Personally, I am a fan of drinks made with REAL sugar vs. artificial sugar that are commonly found in k-cups.  However, if you don’t mind, then this looks like it could be a good substitute for you to try.  Marvel Avengers Hot Chocolate Single Serve Cups

Marvel Cocoa

Posted 6/10/16