School Supplies for $7.44?

I LOVE finding good deals.  It’s almost like a challenge that I am always up for and had to share with you all.  If you have kids, you know that back-to-school shopping can be pricey!  I like to stock up on hot deals and store them away to use throughout the year or for future back-to-school needs.  Although I didn’t get everything on my school list, I wanted to showcase some of the hot ticket items that our out there now.  For this trip, I purchase ALL OF THE ITEMS THAT YOU SEE here in this photo for $7.44!!!  That is a combined savings of $40.48!  Mind you, I live in CA and the sales tax here where I live is 8.75%.  I went to Office Max and Staples who are offering some awesome deals this week.

Check it out!  Inventory is limited, so be sure to make this a priority.

Office Depot / Office Max
$.01 Office Depot brand #2 pencils, 12/pack, limit 3 (with $5 minimum purchase)
$.01 Slider pencil box – limit 3 (with $5 minimum purchase)
$.01 Office Depot brand mini staples – limit 3 (with $5 minimum purchase)
$.25 Crayola Crayons, 24 pack – limit 3
$.25 Bic Brite liner highlighter, 5 pack – limit 3
$4.00 Elmer’s giant glue stick (Ok, this was just $1 off, but needed items to fulfill my $5 minimum and this was on my school list.)

Office Depot ad for Back-to-School Ad for 7/10/16 - 7/16/16
Office Depot door buster front page ad for Back-to-School Ad for 7/10/16 – 7/16/16

$.25 Staples pink pencil caps, 12/pack – limit 5

Staples door buster front page ad for Back-to-School Ad for 7/10/16 – 7/16/16

There are a handful more deals out there depending on what you need, but this is a good showcase of what you can get.  Check out your site for the full add or pick-up an ad when you go to the store.  It pays to shop around!  Keep in mind that quantities are limited!!!

Target will also usually offer a pretty good back-to-school sale towards the end of summer.  So you should wait for those deals if you don’t get them at the Office Depot / Staples and aren’t in a rush.

Happy shopping!

Posted on 7/10/16.