McDonald’s Garlic Fries

With the world famous Gilroy Garlic Festival taking place this weekend, the local Bay Area McDonald’s restaurants have decided to join in on the garlic fun.  Today, McDonald’s in the Bay Area released their version of garlic fries, a special addition to the menu.  These savory treats are available starting at 10:30 a.m.  I headed over to check it out and was expecting to smell the aroma of garlic filling the restaurant.  No garlic smell.

McDonalds Garlic Fries

$2.39 for a large order of regular fries (which come in a paper carton)
$3.08 for a large order of garlic fries (which come in a paper tray)

I watched this process in action.  They made the fries just as they typically do, fry then salt.  From there, they measured each fry batch according to which size you ordered and then tossed them in the silver metal bowl.  Then they took it over to a special station where they added about an ounce of white thick clumpy sauce.  They had to then toss, turn and mix this up.  Just how they traditionally do with garlic fries.  This took some time to prepare!!
McDonalds Garlic Fries
Instead of stuffing the fries into the typical carton for fries, they served them in these paper trays with a fork and knife.  Sort of like the same set-up for chili fries.  I could see the garlic, spices and fresh herbs.  Looked good!

3 garlic fries

As I reached in to grab one, I noticed that the fries were a bit soggy.  Not because of the oil, but I think because of the clumpy sauce.  They were garlic fries, but not the kind that you may have had at Gordon Biersch, at AT&T Park or even Trader Joe’s.  It had a McD spin to it.  The fries were not overwhelming with pungent garlic flavors, but it was on the mild to medium side.  It had fresh flat leaf parsley herbs which made it nice.  However, taking my next few bites… I couldn’t get over the limp and wet texture.  You certainly want to eat these with a fork and this would NOT be ideal to eat in the car!

I thought that they were ok.  I shared a few with co-workers who loved it or thought that they were ok.  It’s worth a shot to check-out, but they might need to improve the recipe to highlight McD’s famous GOLDEN crispy fries!

Posted: 7/27/16