Lego Movie Birthday Party

“Everything is awesome!”  Yes, especially when it’s a birthday that you are celebrating!!!

When the Lego Movie hit theaters a few years ago, my youngest was obsessed with the movie and know that he just HAD to have a party based around it.  Coming up with ideas around this theme was a bit easy since there were so many

I first used Emmet’s main color as a primary for the theme: orange and blue.  I carried the colors over from the food, to the brick and movie poster printouts that I cut-out and taped to the wall.  I also used the “awesome” and added those to the wall for additional decor.  The pinata that I found on the web was pretty awesome and had to incorporate that as well on the main table.

I also created my own cupcake toppers to adorn on the cupcakes.  Click here to download my template.  You will want to print these on cardstock, punch with a 1″ craft puncher and use Elmer’s glue to tack onto lollipop sticks.

For the snack table, I included a colorful array of fresh fruit and candies of course, including strawberries, watermelon, Ring Pops, cookies and chocolate cupcakes.

The fun item that sort of captured the spirit of the party were the orange and blue Jell-O cups.  For this recipe, you can click here and substitute the colors of the Jell-O for orange and blue raspberry.  Such a great and easy item to make ahead.

If you look closely at the cupcake toppers, you can see that I added chocolate Lego.  Yes, those are NOT real Lego pieces!  I used silicone Lego mold which I purchased at the Lego store, then added melted Meltaways colored chocolates that you can find at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby in their baking section.  It’s something that you want to make ahead as you do not want to be rushed with this time consuming project.  This was a surprising hit for everyone!  You can click the link below for a free template that I created.

Lego Movie Cupcake Topper

The main course of the meal, we had tacos in honor of Taco Tuesday.  Granted, it wasn’t a Tuesday, but everyone who say the movie got the idea.  Who doesn’t love tacos?

Each guest was given a Lego minifigure box case filled with sweet treats.  We also gave them a copy of the Lego Club Magazine in case they weren’t already a subscriber.

Posted 12.20.17

Lego Ninjago Birthday Party

Lego has come out with some great characters and think that their Ninjago line is one of their most popular.  After all, they did just come out with a new Ninjago attraction at Legoland and The Lego Ninjago Movie new movie will hit theaters the summer of 2017!  My sons have been huge fans and my oldest wanted a Ninjago themed party.

Calling out Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane and the rest of the Ninjago gang!  Here are a few ideas on how you can add some fun Ninjago elements for your next birthday bash.

I went with an easy red, black and white colored themed party.  I had the table cover already, and went to this really great discount Japanese store called Daiso.  If you have never been, you need to see if you have one in your area.  It’s basically like a Japanese dollar store, but most items are $1.50.  It’s such a deal for some really cute things.  Below, you will see some fabric signs with Japanese writing and black nylon fish hanging.  Yes, each one was $1.50!  Then, I went to the Dollar Tree and picked-up some $1.00 nunchucks and ninja stars.  I also make a banner with my son’s name on it and used a Ninjago looking font and kept with the colored theme to tie it all in.

I also made custom water bottle wraps.  They are a super inexpensive way to decorate and something that you can use during or after the party.  I added these to the table and basically used them as fillers in the back.

I had a really hard time trying to find a Lego or Ninjago pinata.  So, I made my own.  It was actually pretty darn easy and really glad that I figured it out, while using a really simply square design.  I found a really durable box and got lots of red tissue.  You literally just cut long even strips and tape– from BOTTOM to TOP and affix with Elmer’s glue or homemade flour paste.  Then you cut to fringe.  I covered some cardboard food tubes for the top part to complete the look.  Don’t forget to cut a hole at the top so that you can put the pinata loot as well as adding a hook on the top so that you can suspend this thing.  This held up WAY better than the store bought ones and helped to add to the table decor as well.

I always have so much fun trying to incorporate the theme with food!  Here is a snapshot of a few things that I did for the party.

Chocolate Bars” – Not only did these serve as fun decoration, but I encourage kids to enjoy them as well.  I simply got Hershey chocolate bars and designed a Ninjago custom designed wrapper which simply went over the bar.  If you want this template, I have a generic version without my son’s name here for you to download.  Click here for the .pdf file.    

“Sushi” – Ok, this is not really sushi, but made to look like the real deal.  100% kid friendly!  You start with Rice Krispie Treats.  I would purchase these vs. making them.  Why?  When you purchase them, you get even sizes.  I would suggest that you cut them down to bite size rectangles.  PLUS, it’s a semi-homemade approach.  Then, you can get Swedish Fish.  Target has generics that you can use as well.  Now for the dark seaweed wrap.  That was a little tricky.  You can’t just get regular fruit roll ups since they have really abstract colors.  Go to the produce aisle and get those bigger sized natural fruit rolls ups that you see in the healthy snack area.  Hopefully, you should find grape as the color is pretty dark as you can see.  Cut everything down to size and you can easily make these ahead.  Be sure to make extras as you will need a bit of practice and maybe a few tasters as well.  🙂  They actually taste really good!  The adults loved them, too!

“Veggie Snake” & Water Bottles – I had to add a few healthy options and added some baby carrots and sliced up a large English cucumber since it has sort of a scaled look.  I used a knife to carve out eyes and the mouth.  Added an extra slithery tongue from a carrot.  I also have water bottles in the very back which I wrapped with custom paper.  You can download a copy of my template here. 

“Edamame Beans” – Actually, super simple.  Just green grapes.

Sammy Sushi Rolls” – At Costco, they have these great ham and cheese rolls.  I though that they would be perfect as faux sushi.  You could very well make these on your own as well, but loved the overall concept.B

Fangs” – The Constrictai fangs were just plan Bugles corn snacks.

I purchase a 9-inch round from the grocery store and had them add only the red trim on top.  I had already pre-ordered a rice paper printed design from Etsy and added that to the cake.  I also added red M&M’s and these really cool ninja star gummies which I found at Oriental Trading.  I only used the red, black and white ones.

I also had little cupcakes that I featured on the table.  Mostly there to hand out to the kids as it’s way easier than cutting slices of cake!  I found this really cool Ninjago dojo looking cardboard stand as well.  I actually purchased two so that I could flank on either side.  The set-up was a bit easy.  I would not recommend using the bottom pegs as I think that it was a bit safer to let the bottom part just lay flat, especially with all of those cupcakes!  I also added some more ninja star gummies and little Ninjago faces on top which I cut-out with my die-cut puncher and affixed to paper straws with non-toxic Elmer’s glue.

This was the favors table that I set-up.  I tried to replicate the Ninjago dojo front door by using a huge piece of cardboard and added various elements on top, including paper plates and black washi tape.  We had fun favor bags which had Ninjago characters on the front.  Inside each bag, we had various Lego sets which we found online, along with some sweet treats.

Posted on 9.10.17

Lego Minifigure Organizer & Display Case

My son is obsessed with all things Lego, especially the Lego Minifigures.  It’s been a challenge to try to organize them.  I have purchased and tried it all!  How do I keep the pieces and accessories together?  Group them together as a collection?  Display them so that he can appreciate it?  Create less clutter?  I searched all over and finally came up with a great find!

I found this great case on eBay.  What’s nice about this is that you can fit about 99 Lego Minifigures on this rack.  You do have to alternate a few of the arms forward and backwards so that they fit.  You can barely notice.  The rack does not have a backing as it rests against the wall. It’s light enough to hang on your wall with a few nails or screws.  So I don’t anticipate that this will fall off the wall, even with it filled as it is still pretty light.  I found this to be a good buy, especially if it frees up storage space and looks this cool!  My son loves this as he can’t wait to show this off to his friends.

Click here for the link to the eBay store where I purchased this unit.

Here are a few more views of the case so that you can see if this might work for you.  Happy organizing!


I love the fact that each row has  a Lego bump or stud (as they call it) on it so that you can easily place each Minifigure so that it doesn’t pop off.


Here is a view of one of his sets.  It makes it really easy to see which character he has.  In addition, I can easy keep each accessory attached to the Minifigure without placing this in another case.


This worked for me!  Do you have any Lego organizing tips that work for you?

Posted on 6/27/16

LEGO Minifigures Collection Features 18 Iconic Disney Characters – Bump Codes & Box Reveal

If you are a Disney or Lego fan, then you might know that they released the LEGO Minifigures Collection Features 18 Iconic Disney Characters on 5/1/16. (Photo above courtesy of Lego.com)  Select stores released them with limited supply and they are sold out almost everywhere, even online with an MSRP of $3.99.  There are also some stores that have a limit of 4 or 5 packs per customer.  These are HOT items.  As with all Lego minifigure packs, these are blind packs, so you won’t really know what you get unless you sit there and feel the pieces, if you open the packs or familiar with bump codes.  I saw many families there crunching the bags to decipher the contents inside.  This seemed to draw a bigger crowd compared to other releases.  I guess when you combine Lego + Disney that says it all.  One mom told me that she went to all the stores in the area in search of Buzz Lightyear and Alice!  Sounds like these might be popular minifigures.  Then again, it could be that those are her favorite characters or perhaps she was trying to fill her collection.  Because these aren’t your typical Lego minifigures they are a bit easier to decipher since each character has a pretty unique face or accessory.

I have to say that Lego and Disney did a pretty good job with capturing the design and story for each character through their accessories.  Although, not all had accessories.  They put together a nice mix of characters and it would be interesting to see if they have another series with an expanded list of characters.  Here’s a cute photo of Stitch below.

Disney Lego Minifigures

I managed to get my hand on an entire box.  Yes an ENTIRE BOX.  Score!!  Although I can’t share the details how I acquired this, I can share a few things with you about what I uncovered.

Disney Lego Minifigure 2

Disney Lego Minifigure 3

The box has a total of 60 mystery packs.  After deciphering each pack, I inventoried the following quantities which could help you out with your search to see what a typical box inventory looks like.  As you can see, Ariel could be the hardest to find as there were only 2 in the box!  The rest had a fair share of quantity of 3 or 4 each.

  • 4 – Mickey Mouse
  • 3 – Minnie Mouse
  • 3 – Donald Duck
  • 3 – Daisy Duck
  • 3 – Alice
  • 3 – Cheshire Cat
  • 3 – Peter Pan
  • 3 – Captain Hook
  • 3 – Maleficent
  • 3 – Ariel
  • 3 – Ursula
  • 4 – Genie
  • 3 – Aladdin
  • 4 – Stitch
  • 4 – Mr. Incredible
  • 4 – Syndrome
  • 3 – Buzz Lightyear
  • 4 – Alien

Disney Lego Minifigures


Lego enthusiasts know about a little thing called bump codes.  Having 2 boys, I learned early on about this hack.  They are little raised 3D bumps that are located at the bottom of the back package that indicate what the contents are inside.  These aren’t 100% obvious and sometimes it takes just as long to figure out what the bump codes are vs. feeling the package.  So if you have a legend which has the infamous bump codes in front of you, this might help you if the bumps are obvious enough.  Here are the bump codes that I deciphered which I am sharing with you.  I have marked white dots on the bottom to indicate the infamous bump codes.  Note that this is not a perfect method as some are raised more than others.  Also you may want to take notice that some of the bumps are aligned slightly different than others as some look the same.

Disney Lego Minifigures

For more information about this special release, you can read about it here: LEGO Minifigures Collection Features 18 Iconic Disney Characters

Happy collecting and trading!

Posted 5/4/16