LEGO Minifigures Collection Features 18 Iconic Disney Characters – Bump Codes & Box Reveal

If you are a Disney or Lego fan, then you might know that they released the LEGO Minifigures Collection Features 18 Iconic Disney Characters on 5/1/16. (Photo above courtesy of  Select stores released them with limited supply and they are sold out almost everywhere, even online with an MSRP of $3.99.  There are also some stores that have a limit of 4 or 5 packs per customer.  These are HOT items.  As with all Lego minifigure packs, these are blind packs, so you won’t really know what you get unless you sit there and feel the pieces, if you open the packs or familiar with bump codes.  I saw many families there crunching the bags to decipher the contents inside.  This seemed to draw a bigger crowd compared to other releases.  I guess when you combine Lego + Disney that says it all.  One mom told me that she went to all the stores in the area in search of Buzz Lightyear and Alice!  Sounds like these might be popular minifigures.  Then again, it could be that those are her favorite characters or perhaps she was trying to fill her collection.  Because these aren’t your typical Lego minifigures they are a bit easier to decipher since each character has a pretty unique face or accessory.

I have to say that Lego and Disney did a pretty good job with capturing the design and story for each character through their accessories.  Although, not all had accessories.  They put together a nice mix of characters and it would be interesting to see if they have another series with an expanded list of characters.  Here’s a cute photo of Stitch below.

Disney Lego Minifigures

I managed to get my hand on an entire box.  Yes an ENTIRE BOX.  Score!!  Although I can’t share the details how I acquired this, I can share a few things with you about what I uncovered.

Disney Lego Minifigure 2

Disney Lego Minifigure 3

The box has a total of 60 mystery packs.  After deciphering each pack, I inventoried the following quantities which could help you out with your search to see what a typical box inventory looks like.  As you can see, Ariel could be the hardest to find as there were only 2 in the box!  The rest had a fair share of quantity of 3 or 4 each.

  • 4 – Mickey Mouse
  • 3 – Minnie Mouse
  • 3 – Donald Duck
  • 3 – Daisy Duck
  • 3 – Alice
  • 3 – Cheshire Cat
  • 3 – Peter Pan
  • 3 – Captain Hook
  • 3 – Maleficent
  • 3 – Ariel
  • 3 – Ursula
  • 4 – Genie
  • 3 – Aladdin
  • 4 – Stitch
  • 4 – Mr. Incredible
  • 4 – Syndrome
  • 3 – Buzz Lightyear
  • 4 – Alien

Disney Lego Minifigures


Lego enthusiasts know about a little thing called bump codes.  Having 2 boys, I learned early on about this hack.  They are little raised 3D bumps that are located at the bottom of the back package that indicate what the contents are inside.  These aren’t 100% obvious and sometimes it takes just as long to figure out what the bump codes are vs. feeling the package.  So if you have a legend which has the infamous bump codes in front of you, this might help you if the bumps are obvious enough.  Here are the bump codes that I deciphered which I am sharing with you.  I have marked white dots on the bottom to indicate the infamous bump codes.  Note that this is not a perfect method as some are raised more than others.  Also you may want to take notice that some of the bumps are aligned slightly different than others as some look the same.

Disney Lego Minifigures

For more information about this special release, you can read about it here: LEGO Minifigures Collection Features 18 Iconic Disney Characters

Happy collecting and trading!

Posted 5/4/16

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