Lego Minifigure Organizer & Display Case

My son is obsessed with all things Lego, especially the Lego Minifigures.  It’s been a challenge to try to organize them.  I have purchased and tried it all!  How do I keep the pieces and accessories together?  Group them together as a collection?  Display them so that he can appreciate it?  Create less clutter?  I searched all over and finally came up with a great find!

I found this great case on eBay.  What’s nice about this is that you can fit about 99 Lego Minifigures on this rack.  You do have to alternate a few of the arms forward and backwards so that they fit.  You can barely notice.  The rack does not have a backing as it rests against the wall. It’s light enough to hang on your wall with a few nails or screws.  So I don’t anticipate that this will fall off the wall, even with it filled as it is still pretty light.  I found this to be a good buy, especially if it frees up storage space and looks this cool!  My son loves this as he can’t wait to show this off to his friends.

Click here for the link to the eBay store where I purchased this unit.

Here are a few more views of the case so that you can see if this might work for you.  Happy organizing!


I love the fact that each row has  a Lego bump or stud (as they call it) on it so that you can easily place each Minifigure so that it doesn’t pop off.


Here is a view of one of his sets.  It makes it really easy to see which character he has.  In addition, I can easy keep each accessory attached to the Minifigure without placing this in another case.


This worked for me!  Do you have any Lego organizing tips that work for you?

Posted on 6/27/16

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