Disney Star Wars Tsum Tsum Graduation Lei Gift (or Graduation Lei-a)!

My littlest is graduating from kindergarten this year.  I am so proud, yet so sad.  It’s a milestone in my books.  As I prepare mentally for his upcoming last day of kindergarten, I am also reminded that he will be participating in a formal graduation ceremony.  What should I get for him to make him feel extra special?  He loves Star Wars and he loves Disney Tsum Tsum toys.  Bingo.  I will make him a Tsum Tsum graduation lei.  Here’s how I made this.

Graduation Lei 1

– clear cellophane wrap (Party City has a good supply)
– scissors
– curling ribbon
– Tsum Tsum toys (at least 7 of the mini plush ones)
– regular clear tape

Graduation Lei 2

Start by collecting all of the supplies above.   You will need to cut about 5.5 feet of cellophane wrap.  From that piece, fold it horizontally and cut it in half so you have two super long pieces.  You will only need to use one, but keep the other one just in case– so save it!  Lay one of the pieces flat on a long enough clean surface.

Graduation Lei 3

You will need at least 7 Tsum Tsums.  I selected the Star Wars collection of Tsum Tsums for this project and gift.  Since I am making this for my little guy, his torso isn’t too long so I won’t need that much as it won’t need to be too long.  I would say you would need about 7-9 Tsum Tsums for a younger elementary school aged child.  More if you have an adult.  Cut of all the tags off the Tsum Tsums and gently tape the fabric tags with a little tape under their bellies.  Once you have prepped each one, line them up on the cellophane wrap closest to the rougher edge, leaving about 4-5 finger widths in-between.  Think hot dog links.

Graduation Lei 4

Once lined up, add a little more tape to the edge of the cellophane wrap to the Tsum Tsums.  Next, you are ready to roll.  Think sushi roll.  You will want to CAREFULLY roll the Tsum Tsums over one-by-one.  Slow motion required.  Keep a somewhat firm roll, but not too tight.  If the cellophane wrap tears, just add tape!

Graduation Lei 5

Next, you will want to cut about 1.5 feet of curling tape for each break.  (See photo.)  Place these under each break so that you can start tying each section which encases a Tsum Tsums.  Do not make this too loose or too tight.  Every section should be the same.  After you are done tying each section, start curling your ribbon!  You should slowly see the lei transforming.  Feel free to move around gently and adjust the Tsum Tsums within each break.  You want them to be consistent.

Graduation Lei 6

Finally, connect the two ends with more curling ribbon and you just need to tie them together to complete the loop.


I had his older brother try this on for kicks and think that this will be a perfect fit for my 5 year old son!  He wasn’t too happy in this photo since this wasn’t a gift for him.  🙁  I may make one for him, too!  Shhh!!  I probably could have added 1 or 2 more, but think that this should work for my little guy.  I can’t wait to see the look on his little face.  I will try to post an updated photo of my little guy with his gift at the very end of this month.

May the graduation force be with you!

Posted 5/11/16


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