Crayola Crayon Birthday Party

Who doesn’t love a fresh new box of Crayola crayons?!

For my son’s second birthday party, I thought that it would be fun for him to enjoy a colorful themed Crayola crayon themed birthday party!  Here is what I did to make it come together and included a few photos, links and a download for you to be able to replicate for your little one.

Watermark Template Portrait CRAYOLA

For starters, I tried to focus on four colors to use as the party color theme: blue, red, green and yellow.  Those were pretty easy colors to find and really POP.  I also had tons of matching colored balloons hanging and tape throughout the house.

For the cake table set-up, I personalized my son’s name onto banners which I made.  I also used my Cricut and simply cut out generic HAPPY BIRTHDAY pieces so that I could carefully tape onto the walls.

Next, I went to Toys R Us and purchased these cute colorful crayon banks which stand about 43″ tall.  I was able to use these on the main table as well as throughout the house.  Talk about a focal point!  Here is the link to the crayon banks.  I was lucky enough to scour a few of the stores in my area.  Be sure to check carefully for any cracks or defects.

Lastly, I was able to use a tiered cake stand to hold the colorful cupcakes.


For the food, I wanted to keep with the colorful theme.  I tried to offer both sweets and healthier options for our guests.  It was really hard since these party colors just scream candy!  🙂


Here I made faux crayons.  Yes, they are edible!!  They are pretzels which I cut down to size, dipped each end (not the whole thing) in Wilton candy melts and then wrapped them in faux crayon wrappers and secure with tape.

I created my own wrapper which I am happy to share for your own personal use.  Just click here for my chocolate crayon wrapper template: Crayola Pretzels template  I would suggest printing the template out on colored paper since the colors will look richer and won’t bleed onto the food nor will it crack if you are using a laser printer.  Plus, colored paper is usually a tad thicker, but you will NOT want to use cardstock.   That would be too thick.


I managed to incorporate some really colorful, kid-friendly fresh fruits: green and purple grapes, bananas along with strawberries!  Yum.  And yes, there are some colored mini-M&m’s that I added as well to the mix.


I also found these oversized carnival type lollipops.  These were more for decor than anything else.  I found these at Smart & Final, but also have seen them at the Dollar Tree.  I also found a box of crayon candy and used a few for decor.


Candied popcorn which I made myself.  This took a bit of time as I had to make three separate batches to achieve this look: green, yellow and red.  First, I used mushroom popcorn for this recipe as I like how they look vs. the butterfly ones that you get at the store.  I love to keep these on hand as they look so pretty and ideal for making chocolate popcorn as well.  I purchase my popcorn from Just Poppin and just toss the kernels in an air popper.  Voila.  Commercial looking popcorn!  As for the recipe for candy popcorn, that was super easy as it’s Jell-O based.  Here is the recipe: JELLO-O Rainbow Popcorn For easier cleaning, I spread the coated popcorn onto parchment paper vs. a baking pan.

Slide4 (2)

For this party, I decided to make my own cupcakes.  Not sure that I would do that again since I think that for the cost and time, it probably would have been cheaper to go to grocery store and purchase plain ones that I could dress up myself.  In any case, I purchased these Crayola cake toppers on eBay and even found Crayon candles.  Yes!  They are actual crayon candles!!  Then I got a few small tubes of icing down the baked good aisle and drizzled them on top so they looked like scribbles.


Who doesn’t love a pinata?  I went to Etsy and had this custom made just for our party.  Super cute!!

Slide2 (2)


I purchased a few green gable boxes and then filled them with various crayon theme candies and items.  For the outside of the box, I used my Cricut to die-cut each faux crayon box using the Simply Charmed cartridge by Cricut.  I also personalized each box with the child’s name on a crayon at the top.



I personally designed the invite so that it would look like the outside of a Crayola box.  I thought that it turned out pretty cute and tried to incorporate fonts that looked the part.Crayola Invite

Hope that you enjoyed getting inspired by my Crayola themed birthday party.

Posted: 6/9/16



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