Marvel Spider-Man K-Cup Daily Bugle Breakfast Blend Coffee

Look-out! Here’s comes the Spider-Man… k-cup coffee!  Want to rev up your “spidey senses” in the morning?  Check out this novel new k-cup offering which includes a few Marvel characters including: Spider-Man Daily Bugle breakfast blend, Hulk espresso dark roast, as well as Captain America hazelnut medium roast.  The 10-count pack is going for roughly the $6.00 mark at Walmart.  Such a fun idea to add to your Keurig for an action-packed morning.Marvel k-cup coffee

I purchased the Spider-Man blend to see what this was all about.  The packaging is super-duper cute.

Spider-Man Coffee K-Cups

Might be a cute idea small gift idea to pair with other Marvel character items.  The pods itself outside of the box aren’t that super attractive.  I was hoping to see Spider-Man’s face, but no.  Just the Marvel logo and k-cup blend name.

Spider-Man K-Cup

Ok, now for the taste test.  My first thought was that this is a breakfast blend.  It doesn’t have a lot of acidity and is very easy to drink.  Then, I noticed that the blend seems a bit more like a light-medium blend vs. a true medium blend.  I personally was hoping for something a little bit stronger, but could probably adjust on my side and use 6 vs. 8 ounces of water in my Keurig.

OH!  If you have a non-coffee drinker or have kids, then I also saw that they have a hot chocolate version.  Personally, I am a fan of drinks made with REAL sugar vs. artificial sugar that are commonly found in k-cups.  However, if you don’t mind, then this looks like it could be a good substitute for you to try.  Marvel Avengers Hot Chocolate Single Serve Cups

Marvel Cocoa

Posted 6/10/16