Lay’s Korean Barbecue Chips

One of my favorite snacks to eat are CHIPS!  So when I saw these at the store, I had to pause for a long time in disbelief.  Korean barbecue chips?!  SOLD!  As a kid, I grew up on authentic Korean food.  So my expectation levels are pretty high.  They look like a normal chip and smelled like the real deal.  I took a bite and was brought back to my childhood.  The instant barbecue flavor hits you, then the sweet and savory undertones with the right amount of saltiness.  It was perfect, just missing the rice and kimchee.  While I don’t understand why they put a beef satay stick on the outside of the package along with a thick American looking barbecue sauce dish, the contents inside are spot on.  I purchased this bag at Lucky’s, but have also seen random flavors sold at Walgreen’s as well.  Kudos Lay’s and their “Flavor Swap Contest”!  I voted to keep this one as a keeper and keep checking back on their site for the results which will be posted here:

Posted 3/20/16

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