July 2016

McDonald’s Garlic Fries

With the world famous Gilroy Garlic Festival taking place this weekend, the local Bay Area McDonald’s restaurants have decided to join in on the garlic fun.  Today, McDonald’s in the Bay Area released their version of garlic fries, a special addition to the menu.  These savory treats are available starting at 10:30 a.m.  I headed over to check it out and was expecting to smell the aroma of garlic filling the restaurant.  No garlic smell.

McDonalds Garlic Fries

$2.39 for a large order of regular fries (which come in a paper carton)
$3.08 for a large order of garlic fries (which come in a paper tray)

I watched this process in action.  They made the fries just as they typically do, fry then salt.  From there, they measured each fry batch according to which size you ordered and then tossed them in the silver metal bowl.  Then they took it over to a special station where they added about an ounce of white thick clumpy sauce.  They had to then toss, turn and mix this up.  Just how they traditionally do with garlic fries.  This took some time to prepare!!
McDonalds Garlic Fries
Instead of stuffing the fries into the typical carton for fries, they served them in these paper trays with a fork and knife.  Sort of like the same set-up for chili fries.  I could see the garlic, spices and fresh herbs.  Looked good!

3 garlic fries

As I reached in to grab one, I noticed that the fries were a bit soggy.  Not because of the oil, but I think because of the clumpy sauce.  They were garlic fries, but not the kind that you may have had at Gordon Biersch, at AT&T Park or even Trader Joe’s.  It had a McD spin to it.  The fries were not overwhelming with pungent garlic flavors, but it was on the mild to medium side.  It had fresh flat leaf parsley herbs which made it nice.  However, taking my next few bites… I couldn’t get over the limp and wet texture.  You certainly want to eat these with a fork and this would NOT be ideal to eat in the car!

I thought that they were ok.  I shared a few with co-workers who loved it or thought that they were ok.  It’s worth a shot to check-out, but they might need to improve the recipe to highlight McD’s famous GOLDEN crispy fries!

Posted: 7/27/16

New Disney Gourmet Popcorn

Recently, Disney came out with a new line of gourmet popcorn, which extended passed their standard fare of caramel, kettle corn, butter toffee and confetti.  Upon my recent trip to Disneyland, I stumbled across the huge wall of flavors which included these new flavors:

Siracha Kettle Corn
Parmesan Garlic
Maple Bacon

Although I wanted to try them all, I had to restrain myself and purchased CHURRO and MAPLE BACON.  (I was really tempted to get TRUFFLE, but might try that the next time.)

So I purchased the MAPLE BACON popcorn.  I opened the package and had to re-confirm that there were no little flakes of bacon inside.  No bacon bits.  Boo.  It has a smoky, sweet and salty flavor.  I was expecting it to taste like bacon salt, but no.  I am not sure how they created the bacon flavor, but that was a miss.  The maple flavor was there, but was overpowered by the odd smoky bacon flavor.  I’d pass on this one.

I also purchased the CHURRO popcorn was a bit of a surprise to me.  I love churros and was expecting lots of cinnamon.  This didn’t have too much cinnamon, but a nice toasted balance of cinnamon and sugar.  It was pretty good, not great.  I would eat this over the MAPLE BACON for sure.

Then, I had to also get the classic… CARAMEL.  Ok, of the three, this was by far my favorite.  You can’t go wrong with the classics!!

NOTE #1: The churro popcorn was sold out at the retail stores inside of Disneyland.  In addition, they offer a smaller selection and variety inside the park.  Your best bet would be to go to Downtown Disney to the World of Disney Store and visit the food section inside the retail store– NOT the Marcelines Confectionery candy store.

NOTE #2:  Not all the popcorn are priced the same.  The prices vary from $5.99 to $6.99. The TRUFFLE popcorn was priced at $6.99 as with most of the ones with nuts.  Most of the others were priced at $5.99, so be sure to turn the product around to see the price tag.

I love the fact that Disney comes out with these new food creations.  These were perfect items to bring back as gifts for family and friends!

Disney Gourmet Popcorn
New Disney Gourmet Popcorn

Posted 7/25/16






School Supplies for $7.44?

I LOVE finding good deals.  It’s almost like a challenge that I am always up for and had to share with you all.  If you have kids, you know that back-to-school shopping can be pricey!  I like to stock up on hot deals and store them away to use throughout the year or for future back-to-school needs.  Although I didn’t get everything on my school list, I wanted to showcase some of the hot ticket items that our out there now.  For this trip, I purchase ALL OF THE ITEMS THAT YOU SEE here in this photo for $7.44!!!  That is a combined savings of $40.48!  Mind you, I live in CA and the sales tax here where I live is 8.75%.  I went to Office Max and Staples who are offering some awesome deals this week.

Check it out!  Inventory is limited, so be sure to make this a priority.

Office Depot / Office Max
$.01 Office Depot brand #2 pencils, 12/pack, limit 3 (with $5 minimum purchase)
$.01 Slider pencil box – limit 3 (with $5 minimum purchase)
$.01 Office Depot brand mini staples – limit 3 (with $5 minimum purchase)
$.25 Crayola Crayons, 24 pack – limit 3
$.25 Bic Brite liner highlighter, 5 pack – limit 3
$4.00 Elmer’s giant glue stick (Ok, this was just $1 off, but needed items to fulfill my $5 minimum and this was on my school list.)

Office Depot ad for Back-to-School Ad for 7/10/16 - 7/16/16
Office Depot door buster front page ad for Back-to-School Ad for 7/10/16 – 7/16/16

$.25 Staples pink pencil caps, 12/pack – limit 5

Staples door buster front page ad for Back-to-School Ad for 7/10/16 – 7/16/16

There are a handful more deals out there depending on what you need, but this is a good showcase of what you can get.  Check out your site for the full add or pick-up an ad when you go to the store.  It pays to shop around!  Keep in mind that quantities are limited!!!

Target will also usually offer a pretty good back-to-school sale towards the end of summer.  So you should wait for those deals if you don’t get them at the Office Depot / Staples and aren’t in a rush.

Happy shopping!

Posted on 7/10/16.




Walmart Beauty Box Subscription

If you have pondered over the idea of joining a monthly retail subscription, consider the Walmart Beauty Box.  Yes, Walmart.  They have a subscription that gets shipped out on a quarterly basis.  The items that come shipped to you are practical cosmetic or toiletry items that you could use or gift to someone else.  I have been a member for a little over a year now.  For $5 each quarter/season, this INCLUDES shipping which makes this a deal!  That’s only $20 a year.  In the past, I have received a full-sized lipstick from a notable drugstore brand line, a sample of face cream that I have seen retail for $10 and usually a full-sized sample of something… in addition to foil pack samples, travel size items and even coupons.  They feature a good mix of new and existing products with no strings attached.

The photo above shows a sample of my summer 2016 Walmart Beauty Box.  In this package, I received a total of 7 products– including 1 full-sized deodorant stick.  Pretty nice!  I love how I can take some of these items with my when I travel.

The packaging below is how the samples are sent to you in this box.  You will also receive an email confirmation letting you know that the item has shipped.

Walmart Beauty Box

Here is the link:

Posted on 7/5/16